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Robert Hargrove is a world-renowned thought leader in the field of talent development and executive coaching. Robert was the Co-Director of the Harvard Leadership Research Project, Co-Founder of Venture Catalyst Partners & Founder of Masterful Coaching and Robert Hargrove Executive Coaching.

Robert has been a CEO Whisperer to the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, Fortune 500 CEO of the Year, European CEO of the Year, Assistant Sec of Defense, and the Executive Director UNICEF. He has also helped many emerging leaders become Fortune 500 CEOs or C-Suite members.

Robert is the author of many books and articles, among them: “Masterful Coaching,” “eLeader,” “First 100 Days,” “Strategy of Pre-eminence,” and “Mastering the Art of Creative Collaboration.”

- Leadership consultant to Secretary of the Navy, helped lead to job as Undersecretary of Defense (Acquisitions) with budget of $350 billion. Our breakthrough project helped to achieve joint strike capability & transform the Pentagon.

- Coached an emerging leader in Fortune 500 company who rocketed up the corporate ladder. Became his CEO Consigliore after he took over a Fortune 100 Company in 2010. He was voted Fortune 500 CEO of the Year 2014 taking market cap ~$3 billion to $15 billion. He also started a new company from scratch, IPO, worth close to $10 billion.

- Coached emerging leader at UBS to become GM Duracell, and after 3 years, became CEO of Adidas and launched brand reinvention “adidas equipment” fending off Nike, taking revenue ~$3 billion to $5 billion 3 years.

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