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In November 2004, Octagon Automotive acquired the assets of Manik Motors. Manik is the leading brand for Octagon Automotive and is one of the largest manufacturers of Tubular Steel Off-Road Accessories, specializing in packages of:

A U.S. based Corporation; Octagon Automotive is located in Valencia, California and Mexicali, Mexico. All truck and SUV accessories are manufactured in-house to ensure consistent quality and delivery. Powder Coating the Front Bars, Tube Steps, and vinyl dipping the Front Light Guards, Tail Light Guards, and Brackets ensures the most durable attractive finishes on our off-road accessories. Products, including Jeep accessories, Hummer accessories, Ford truck accessories, Dodge truck accessories and more, are wrapped in 1/2" polyurethane foam and boxed individually for maximum protection during shipping. Our Front Light Guards are pre-installed for your convenience.

All tubing is cold rolled steel. With hot rolled steel, a smooth powder coat finish will highlight every pit and blemish so beware of textured finishes on the competition. They are designed to conceal imperfections in your base metal.

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