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FastMail: fast, professional email services with web, SMTP, POP & IMAP access


What is FastMail?

FastMail is an email provider. We'll provide you with an email address, and limited storage space for incoming emails in the same way Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail do. You can access your emails and send emails from any computer connected to the Internet with a web-browser.

Unlike Hotmail/Yahoo!Mail, we also let you access your emails from home/work using programs like Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, etc using a protocol called IMAP. Paid accounts also get additional storage space and features as described in our pricing table.

What do I get for free? What if I pay?

We will give you, for free, one of the most powerful mail services anywhere on the Internet! Free users get access to everything at the "Guest" service level, which provides all the features necessary for casual email users. If you rely on email on a day-to-day basis, or you need to send and receive large attachments, you'll need to become a member. There are three levels of membership with various privileges. For the complete details, see our complete service level comparison. Here's a quick summary with the most important differences:

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