Description once pretended to be a social networking site which enabled users to create, share and connect with other users.

Members once could create blogs, forums and groups, share photos and social feeds, make friends, trade goods in the MarketExchange, connect with local businesses and play games. However, the site changes so drastically and so rapidly that much of these functions no longer exist.

In fact, the site first appeared in 1999 as a web portal, evolved into a shopping site, became a social networking site, then a gaming site and is currently (July 2009) collecting money, purportedly on behalf of non profit causes, through the sale of awareness bands.

Hundreds of unwitting people throughout Oregon and a few in other states were enticed into handing over several hundred dollars each, based upon misleading promises from Presidential Leaders of TMII. Dreaming of untold wealth when the site was launched (actually relaunched for at least the third time since 1999), many attended a launch party in Salt Lake City where their dreams were crushed before them and the entire website and compensation plan were drastically changed. The remaining parts of the plan and site were dismantled over the course of the next 18 months, until very little remained and agents left in droves - poorer, disillusioned but too embarrassed to admit they had been conned. is a much hyped but barely used website, owned by Richi Roane of Transcend Marketing International, Inc. from Salt Lake City, Utah.




2650 Decker Lake Blvd., Ste. 110
Salt Lake City UT 84119 US



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