MT.US is the second-level domain for geographic-based domains in the state of Montana. No domain will exist with this exact name, any domains that are organized as part of this will be a subdomain. This type of domain follows the standard for geographic-based domains in the .US top-level domain which is for the United States. The next level below MT.US is either "state" for state government, an educational facility (like K12 for schools, CC for community colleges, LIB for libraries, etc.), or the name of a city or county. Below that is the particular domain, which can be a particular organization, person or agency.

Here are some examples:

  • somelib.lib.MT.US - A Library located in Montana
  • state.MT.US - State government (may also use Montana.GOV or MT.GOV)
  • someschool.K12.MT.US - An elementary school
  • ci.somecity.MT.US - City government of Somecity
  • co.somecounty.MT.US - County government of Somecounty
  • somecompany.somecity.MT.US - A company located in Somecity

Note that being under a locality-based domain does not mean that the domain is actually located in that locality. For example, Paul Robinson owns the domain, even though he does not live in Washington, DC, and this domain has never been operated from a server in the District of Columbia.

The following are the locality-based top-level domains under .US:
AL.US Alabama — AK.US Alaska — AZ.US Arizona — AR.US Arkansas — CA.US California — CO.US Colorado — CT.US Connecticut — DE.US Delaware — DC.US District of Columbia — FL.US Florida — GA.US Georgia — HI.US Hawaii — ID.US Idaho — IL.US Illinois — IN.US Indiana — IA.US Iowa — KS.US Kansas — KY.US Kentucky — LA.US Louisiana — ME.US Maine — MD.US Maryland — MA.US Massachusetts — MI.US Michigan — MN.US Minnesota — MS.US Mississippi — MO.US Missouri — MT.US Montana — NE.US Nebraska — NV.US Nevada — NH.US New Hampshire — NJ.US New Jersey — NM.US New Mexico — NY.US New York — NC.US North Carolina — ND.US North Dakota — OH.US Ohio — OK.US Oklahoma — OR.US Oregon — PA.US Pennsylvania — RI.US Rhode Island — SC.US South Carolina — SD.US South Dakota — TN.US Tennessee — TX.US Texas — UT.US Utah — VT.US Vermont — VA.US Virginia — WA.US Washington — WV.US West Virginia — WI.US Wisconsin — WY.US Wyoming — PR.US Puerto Rico — VI.US U.S. Virgin Islands

The following are non-locality-based domains under .US:

  • NSN.US - Indian tribes ("Native Sovereign Nations")
  • FED.US - Federal Government (typically uses .GOV)

You may also be interested in:

  • .GOV - Federal, State and Local government agencies in the United States
  • .MIL - U.S. Military departments and agencies

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