is a Pre School Montessori in Bromley Kent for 2 - 5 yr olds


Love and Learn Montessori Pre School Nursery is located in Bromley Kent, near to the M25.

The website provides online information and an insight into the learning environment provided by the staff at Love and Learn.

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The Aim


Love and Learn Montessori Pre School aim to provide a safe, warm, stimulating environment for children aged 2- 5 years. The environment is prepared in such a way as to be inviting and attractive. It is comfortable, clean and orderly and it provides a secure base from which children can explore and develop.

Opening Times


The Pre School is open from Monday to Friday from 08.45 – 12.15pm. Term Time Only.

Our Staff


Love and Learn has a professional, enthusiastic team. Teaching can take place in small groups and on a one to one basis.

The teachers role consists of creating and maintaining the children’s environment, observing the children and planning for their individual needs. The teacher is always available to provide, support, guidance and love during the child’s seperation from their parents. A key worker system is used so each child has a primary care giver while in our setting.

Rebecca Holland

The Manager and Principle of Love and Learn is: Rebecca Holland BA Honors, International Mont Diploma in Early Years, International Mont Diploma in Infant Toddler.

“Since graduating from Montessori Centre International it has been my dream to open a Montessori Pre School. I am passionate about creating the perfect environment for children to develop and most importantly to feel valued, secure and loved. I hope that during your child’s time spent at the setting they will have fun,they will become sociable beings, they will learn at their own individual pace and they will grow to be kind caring and respectful children”

– Rebecca Holland – 9th June 2010

Jessica Holland

The Deputy Manager of Love and Learn is: Jessica Holland International Mont Diploma in Early Childhood. Working towards BA in Primary Education

“My time studying at Montessori Centre International highlighted how important a child centred setting is. Children will learn more if the setting is created for their needs. This is exactly the philosophy behind Love and Learn Montessori Pre School. The independence that children gain from being part of a Montessori setting is in my opinion invaluable. It helps develop a child’s positive self image and self esteem and most importantly it is a life long tool.”

– Jessica Holland – 9th June 2010

Why Montessori


A Montessori Pre School is a stimulating child orientated environment. The essence of Montessori lies in children’s freedom to learn and develop at their own speed. The environment tends to be calm and peaceful because the children are happy learning at their own pace.

In a Montessori Pre School the child’s freedom, dignity and independence are of paramount importance. The children are free to help themselves to the learning materials displayed on child sized shelves. They choose the materials they wish to work with and return them to their original place when they are finished. In a classroom where everything is reliable and orderly children can go about their activities freely without having to ask for items or wait for the teacher to give permission. This helps to develop a child’s independence and self esteem.

A Montessori classroom consists of different ages. Often the younger children will learn through watching their older peers. The children are encouraged to help and respect each other and you will often find a great sense of community.

More Information


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