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Lista has become something of a household name when it comes to cabinets other items for organizing your garage, toolshed, or machine shop. Toolboxes and more is one of the biggest VARs for lista on the west coast.


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This online storefront offers nearly every product Lista makes. Favorites include, as the title aptly suggests, the good old tool box (although somewhat larger than you might think) and mobile/stationary cabinets as well as a variety of tools to fill your potentially ample storage space.

A photo gallery demonstrates possible storage configurations with the many products they have available.


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Charles Marsala is the current president of Tool Boxes and More. Charles was a regional sales manager for Lista International for over 2 decades before opening this storefront. He is now working to develop better ecommerce for Lista Cabinets, Lista Workbenches and Lista Tool Boxes with the help of David K. Guilfoyle, a recent Stanford grad in computer science.


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Lista sponsors a LeMans race car.

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1259 El Camino Real #316
Menlo Park CA 94025 US


LISTA TOOL BOXES, Charles Marsala
+1 650 328 7110, Fax: +1 650 328 5318

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"Offers equipment that’s great for organizing your garage, toolshed or machine shop."

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