Singer/ Songwriter from Cowbridge, most famous for being in the early set up of Spice Girls. Lianne has had plenty of her own success chart hits and tours. Biog on Lianne Morgan

Lianne's career started at a very young age she made her first stage appearance with a girl group at the age of 12years old, the group was called Angel Flight and consisted of five girls aging from 12 to 18. They did performances, which required live harmonies and high impact dance routines and performed in St David’s Hall, festivals and also did a tour of Welsh High Schools. At 14 she was in pantomime in the Sherman Theater she had to perform 7 performances a week. At 15 she was in a group called Beaus Bohemians this is where she had her first taste of fame she was asked to perform at Hyde Park and she performed alongside Curiosity Killed the cat, and Pepsi and Shirley. At the age of 20 she started writing original material and worked with various local and London based musician/songwriters, some of which were released. At 21 she joined a production team who were signed to a ten year deal with Tel star luckily for Lianne she was guest vocalist and did not get tied in. At the age of 22 she was offered a season at Blackpool tower it was great practice for her vocal stamina and had to perform every night of the week as lead singer with a band called Perfect Trick. At 23 with much experience under her belt she spotted an auditioning The Stage for girl group. She sent off a demo and pic and got a call to say she had made it down to the short list and could she come to Nomis Studios. After auditioning all day the managers had made their decision and decided on the final five which was Lianne Morgan, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Adams, Michelle Stephenson and Melanie Brown. After a long wait Lianne did not hear from them again, they went on to become The Spice Girls. She went on to released a single Big In Japan with Sony did a tour of Europe in Nightclubs .The dance track got to number 16 in dance charts. After that she started working on Cruise Ships for a while as Principle singer this was great experience and required her to use all her skills as a dancer as well as a Singer. 1998 she formed a band called Little Gypsy they performed in all Student Venues and indie/rock clubs around the UK. Getting brilliant revues from NME and Melody Maker, The Times and got very close to being signed by Polydor, but unfortunately Catatonia were signed instead. After being in the headlines due to her brief relationship to The Spice Girls Lianne decided to start working behind the scenes and went to work within artist development for variously independent record labels and New Deal for Musicians. In 2002 she set up Stage Camp (City Academy of Music and Performance) Lianne obtained various contracts within entertainment industry and education authority to write, cast and manages original musicals, plus coach all perspective cast members.

In 2004 she formed a group called Disco Divas and Swinging Sixties Sisters which was a three girl group vocal show; they toured the country and performed on the function circuit.

In 2004/2005 she set up a show called Cabaret it was a full stage show in Las Vegas Revue style consisting of 4 singers and 4 dancers, performing their own versions of songs from Cabaret, Moulin Rouge and Chicago. She had a residency in Cardiff City Center venue. April 2008 she decided to record an original album, with half the album finished and getting great revues, she is working on the remaining and also co writing with some established writers. Lianne started back teaching in 2008 and set up courses for adults who want to sing for fun. Feel Good and Sing Courses are now available through out the country. Lianne continues to song write and perform but she she has recently re opened Stage C.A.M.P (Central Academy of Music and Performance) courses in Singing, Dance, Drama and Performance Skills available to children, teenagers and adults.[[Category:]]

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