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Leb-Undernet was founded in the Spring of 2000, to provide IRC users with a good place to meet, exchange ideas, and generally have fun.

Leb-Undernet exists for the sole purpose of providing a family environment where users of all ages can meet to chat in a safe, reliable, and secure place. In keeping with this statement, we do not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, nationality, sexuality, etc.... if you have any Question or any complain you can always e-mail us and we will be more then happy to solve any problem

Welcome to the Largest Lebanese Chat Room On the NET, Enjoy your chat, to take advantage from all the active forums, Downloads, Posting, etc..., Make sure to Register your nickname, For virus or mIRC help join #lebhelp on UNDERnet Servers, To Chat Live click on the link on the left Board (Chat Room), Thank you all (#leb-Undernet Team)

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