People come to us and ask us, hey, what the heck are Meta Descriptions. Why should we care about Meta Descriptions Mark, Google doesn't care about Meta Descriptions. Well let me tell you why, people care about Meta Descriptions. You come over here to a search engine result right here, we've got the title tag, which is hugely important and we'll talk about later. And then the link and then your Meta Description. It's like free advertising on the search results. And if you don't have anything good there, in your Meta Description less people are going to click. And that is what these things are for, that is what SEO is for, that is what search engine results are for, people not machines. So you want to put what you want people to know about you in your Meta Description so people will find you and click on you. That is why Meta Description are important, that is why you should care. Cya!

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