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Share Your Expertise for SEO & More Customers

When you write a blog post or article about something that matters to your customers and prospects, make sure you get the utmost value out of it. After all, it's not so easy to produce a piece of writing, especially for busy business owners and one-person marketing departments ;-)

You'll reach a wider group of people who find your content relevant to their needs and concerns if you adopt a cascading content strategy. By promoting your content on the social networks - and in email - you can attract more visitors interested in your topics, and demonstrate your expertise. That can inspire greater trust and lead to more sales.

Don't forget that search engines use social signals to help them rank websites for relevant search terms. If you can get people to retweet and share your content with their friends and followers, that will tell search engines your website is valuable, and can help you rank higher for the keywords you're using in your content and posts. That in turn can bring more visitors to your site.

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