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I began sewing at a young age and focused on making my own clothes and home dec furnishings. A friend introduced me to the world of quilting years later and took me to my first quilt shop. I didn't know shops dedicated to quilting even existed until then!

After a move to Minneapolis for my husbands' career, I took a part-time job at a local quilt shop while I looked for a job in my field. I started Lazy Girl in 1997 in response to the customer comments I heard at that quilt shop and my own interest in quick and easy projects.

I began by designing things the customers were looking for. After a few of those designs, I started designing things that I wanted a pattern for. To this day, I continue to design for my own interests and needs. I think of myself as the lowest common denominator in terms of being a sewer or quilter. I'm a klutz, I'm impatient, I want a good chance at a successful project, and it's got to look good. If I design for myself, then anyone could make it.

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Lazy Girl Designs
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