Los Angeles Civil & Family Process Server DepartmentCall our department of process servers at $46.20/defendant. Fax, mail or email your process service court documents today. Process serving and court house filing for Los Angeles, CA today. Call (213) 293-4691 today and get your documents served today. Quick, fast and easy. Most court documents may be served at amoments notice simply by calling from your home or office location. After you make the call you can either email the papers or fax them to our time critically away process servers department who will give you the option of rush or non rush depending on the urgency or your documents and the time to serve them necessity. If you have a need to have it filed than served, you can request court filing where we will go to the courthouse and aquire a case number for you. You may request that we immediately serve the documents when we have gotten your case number. A court hearing may me issued depending on the type of filing you have requested. A conformed copy of this said filing will be mailed to you in order for you to be aware. The proof of service is automatically filled upon completion of your service of process order. Depending on your courthouse, you may be able to check online via the case number to find out if the proof has made it to the courthouse. We will file it by United States Postal Service. An extra fee will be accessed for hand delivered proofs of service at the courthouse. If you need this hand deliver simply request it at the time of your call, and a courier will be dispatched to hand file the proof of service for a small fee of only $34.99. The service fee is $46.20 or more for a family law case. Give us a call as soon as you have the document case number and we will serve it asap. Visit us on the web at or fax your documents to (888) 596-4381.


          Call your department of Process Servers at only $46.20/defendant everyday. Fax, mail or email your process service court documents to our office. Process serving for Los Angeles California everyday of the week 24/7/365. If you have any emergency process serving documents or court filings that need to be expidited and completed within an hour or two, tell us about it.

     The main way to get your Bank Garnishment filed is to mail the documents (Writ of Attachment, Notice of Levy, Memorandum of Garnishee) directly to our office along with the sheriffs instructions. These documents need to have original signatures. An original signature needs to be on the Writ of Attachment also on the Sheriffs Instructions. If you have filed your original writ of attachment in a different county than Los Angeles, than the writ must have an original signature indicating "Los Angeles County" instead of your county on the top line.

     Our rates are fabulous. It also includes filing your proof of service at the courthouse which saves you time and energy of having to do this your self as with other companies. Our Process servers are registered and bonded and have the ability to catch hard to serve individuals. Most of our process servers can very much guarantee 100% that your document can be served and have issued a proof of service upon completion.

     Family law cases are always on our menu. Rather its child support, child support modification, spousal support, spousal support modification or that nasty and uncooperative ex-wife who is in contempt of court for violating court orders and needing to be served that contempt order, give us a call and tell us about it. We can guarantee contempt orders served within a few hours of submitting your court documens to our office.

     We have served more than 7,000 in this county and other surrounding counties spanning from San Diego to Sacramento. Our GPS units and other technological advancements make for easier location finding and communication with our clients. If you would like to submit an order to our firm for fast processing, you may do so by clicking the following link >> Submit Order and when your done with filling out our easy to complete form, email us to confirm your submission at Operators are standing by 24/7/365.

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