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Part of a large network of sites owned by Amy Tran through her company, Laborlawcenter, Inc. Other sites in this family include,,,,,,,, and .

Combining some brilliant search engine marketing with a company which sells labor law posters, Ms. Tran has managed to create a family of very popular legal-oriented websites, deriving revenue through a combination of product sales and Google AdSense ads. Much of the site content is derived from free sites, such as the WikiPedia, accompanied by a very active message board.

Ms. Tran's business model has not been entirely without controversy. Employerware LLC, doing business as Poster Compliance Center, sued Ms. Tran and her company for misleading business practices, relating to her presentation of web content which claimed to objectively review labor law poster vendors while actively promoting her own sites and products. On July 14, 2006, Employwerware LLC announced that the suit had been settled, and that Ms. Tran had stipulated to an injunction against her company's "publishing or disseminating, in any formats, media or methods of delivery, including but not limited to any website, any product comparison in the industry of the publication of labor law posters which contains any false and/or misleading information", and to pay an undisclosed monetary settlement.




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