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Kentucky Internet Service Provider - Provider of Broadband DSL and High-Speed Wireless Connections and Dial-Up Services in Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701


Started in October 1994, KVN was initially an electronic bulletin board system that allowed residents of Central Kentucky to send and receive e-mail, teleconference with other subscribers and access forums that discuss a variety of subjects. The system was operated by a volunt eer board of local business people, educators and computer enthusiasts dedicated to providing telecommunications services to its subscribers.

Today KVN is a full service ISP dedicated to providing quality service at a reasonable price. To help us reach and maintain our goal, we are continuously making improvements to our system to increase the level of service our customers receive from us. As part of that effort, we now have 5 wireless access tower sites up and running with the sixth being ready for service within a couple of weeks. We have a fiber optic connection out to the Internet. With this installation we are the first ISP in our area to have a completely fiber optic connection to the internet. So whether you need a local dial-up, broadband connection, web page, or dedicated connection, we have the technology to help you meet your needs .


US Digital Online
Elizabethtown KY
United States 42702

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