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We have been trading on the internet since 1996 taking our time in the early stages of intenet trading to perfect our site and provide our customers with a satisfying shopping experience.

The company's success is founded on the extensive and varied experiences of our staff and on our ability to take on board and react quickly to feedback from our customers. Some of our customers are so pleased with the service we offer that they have even written to tell us! Over the past few years our name has become synonymous with quality kitchenware, a name we believe we have earned from the standards we set when selecting our suppliers and from the customer service we provide

We hope our shopping cart is user friendly and makes ordering the items you want easy. Please let us know how it was for you - we continually update our software and want to make it the best for you to use that there is. If you let us know if you've had problems then we can get things right.

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