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After functioning ten years as a joint project of the US-based Khmer Studies Insitute and American Institute of Buddhist Studies, the Khmer-Buddhist Educational Assistance Project became its own legal entity in 1998-99. It was registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Colorado under the Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Act, after which it acquired tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable educational organization (tax/employer identification number is 84-1498749) with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). KEAP is governed by a board of directors and advised by an international advisory council. Its registered agent is Dr. Peter Gyallay-Pap of Crestone, Colorado (USA).

You or your group, whether Buddhist or non-Buddhist, can help make a difference in the recovery of Cambodia that will honor and strengthen the Buddhist ethos of the country and spirit of the people. As a donor, you choose the local project (or projects) with which you wish to be linked through your support. As a rule, KEAP provides matching funds to ensure local ownership, avoid dependency, and promote project sustainability. You may establish direct communication with the group or activity you support as means of promoting people-to-people contact, providing moral support, and rendering possible technical assistance or advice. You are also encouraged to pay a site visit to the project if possible. The source, quality, and spirit of material support are valued as much as the material support itself.

With technical assistance provided if necessary by KEAP, the Cambodian recipient of your support, the implementing partner, will report (with photos if feasible) to you of their accomplishments and constraints along with an accounting of how funds received through KEAP were used. KEAP staff monitor, evaluate, and facilitate the implementation of all projects, and provide independent reports via email to the home office. KEAP senior staff at the home office and/or board members also evaluate, facilitate, and disburse funds and assistance to new and existing projects during annual or, if necessary, bi-annual monitoring visits to Cambodia.

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