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JustPressPlay (JPP) was just tossed around as an idea in December of 2004 between myself Jason (aka JD45) and Erik (aka Stickman373). We both discussed the idea of opening a review site but were unsure of what exactly we wanted. As the holidays came up, our ideas got temporarily shelved.

In January of 2005 we decided on a multi genre review site theme. We wanted to give people a one-stop-shop type of site, where they could find reviews on music, movies and games. That's the theme we went with. JustPressPlay was chosen as the title and forums were made. In Feburary of 2005 we launched JPPv1 which did suprisingly well. We moved right through JPPv2 to what you see today, JPPv3. We do feel this is our best redesign yet. We are constanly looking to add new and creative features to the site. One of our biggest goals is to break the mold. We really want to be different. Sure you can go to a famous gaming review site, but on the same site can you get reviews of music and movies? Well, with us you can! Don't be surprised in 2006 if you see a JPPv4.

I've always loved gaming ever since I got my first Atari 2600 with Combat. I'm pretty sure I always will too. Right now, my PC and Xbox are my two best friends when it comes to gaming. For those of you that are wondering, yes, Michael (aka ekiM) is my younger brother and we do find time to play Xbox together when he's not busy playing Coutner Strike. Movies would have to be my second love. I have a pretty extensive (at least I think so) collection of DVD's and have a decent size TV and stereo system to give me that full experience that I have to have when watching my favorite movies. I do work full-time outside of JPP. It does seem like JPP is another full-time job at times. I'm very happy at our growth rate and am looking forward to reaching JPP's full potential. We got a long way to go folks, so hold on! It's going to be one hell of a ride!

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