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Just Answer is the largest expert advice provider on the internet. The service focuses on networking specialized experts with users who need answers to specific questions. If you're constantly frustrated by irrelevant results on a general search engine, Just Answer provides you with a forum to get the information you need from a real person.

How It Works

Once you create a user account, enter a question and a bid price for how much the answer is worth to you. You can either pay up front or after the question is answered (although the former usually results in a faster response). Prices typically range from $10-15, but bids can be as high as $200 depending on the uniqueness or importance of the question. Just Answer sends you an email notification as soon as a response is posted. If you accept the answer as sufficient for the price bid, Just Answer takes a small cut of the proceeds and pays the rest out to the expert who responded. You can even add a bonus payment (a tip of sorts) if the information you recieved was particularly useful. Note that if there is no response to your question within 24 hours, it will be closed from responses. In this case you might want to consider upping your bid.

The Experts

To become an 'expert' on Just Answer you need to qualify based on your educational or professional background. Currently, experts range from members of the workforce, ex-professinals and educators, to highly skilled stay at home mothers. Hours are flexible since the site is open 24/7. Once you've set up an account, you can build an online resume of sorts as you answer questions and earn positive customer testimonials and awards signifying outstanding customer service or the recognition of other experts on the site.

New or below average experts earn 25% of the customer bid on accepted answers, while above average experts can earn between 50-70%. Once you've exceeded $20, Just Answer will deposit your answer earnings in your PayPal account on the first business day of the month (per your request).


Just Answer was launched in the winter of 2003 in response to a perceived desire for a more dynamic information exchange system.




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