Judici.com - Search for criminal charges, dispositions and sentences in IL

About Judici.com

The website Judici.com is not itself a count, it exists to offer information on cases and counts. Information they offer is free but a premium service is also available at Judici.com that allows for additional lookup.

What can you find at Judici.com?

Judici.com allows you to search for court cases in Illinois. You can select from any of the participating courts to look for criminal charges, dispositions and hearing of cases at Judici.com. Not all the information is publicly disclosed.

How to understand cases at Judici.com - A guide by Jeremy J. Richey

Jeremy J. Richey is an attorney at law who blogged about using Judici.com and came up with a usability guide to help people understand common court terms. See his four part blog below:

What do you need to know to search at Judici.com?

First select a court from a menu of participating courts of IL on Judici.com. A page will open with that relevant firm's search page. To search for a case at Judici.com, you must to have a case name. Name of the convict and charge text is optional but useful in pinning down the results.

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