Joblanda Launches Increased Efforts Combating Mounting Lay-Offs in Nigeria

Advocating for both ends of the employment spectrum is key to resolving jobless statistics, publishes


(Chicago, Illinois)-- Reports released earlier this year reveal more than 1.3 million Nigerians suffered job losses during the second quarter of 2015 alone, bringing the country's total unemployment rate to greater than 6 million individuals. A few among the companies partially responsible for this increase are IrokoTV, Deal Dey and Rocket Internet-owned Jumia, once considered major employment opportunities for the country's workforce. In an effort to combat these statistics, Ifemidayo LayGiri of staffing and education advancement advocate Joblanda has launched increased efforts to work with those affected by Nigeria's diminishing employment availability.

LayGiri goes on to say, "Over the last few months, several Nigerian companies have been laying off massive numbers of employees in a bid to "rightsize". To date, we've made significant progress in helping those hardest hit find new jobs as well as placing recent university graduates just entering the workforce. Despite the growing unemployment rates, many companies across the country, not to mention the world, are desperately seeking qualified employees to fill crucial positions. Our role is to connect those looking for jobs with businesses in need of personnel, and we intend to forge ahead with this momentum."

Owned by Qlimb Group, Joblanda serves various aspects of the employment sector, connecting disciplined members of the workforce with companies seeking new staff. The website additionally offers information regarding academic opportunities for those hoping to advance their careers and eligibility in various fields. Among the top employers the company is currently partnered with are the Palladium Hotel Group, the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, A & E Petrol, AF-Mining Concepts, Boerata Energy and Technology Limited, KnowHow Media and Pfizer, to name a few of those listed at


Industries covered by the agency include finance, security, oil and gas, health care, technology, education and food service as well as other rapidly growing fields. Placement is available for various experience levels ranging from new graduates to numerous years serving a chosen arena. Factors considered in the company's placement efforts encompass education, practical experience, training- based certifications and employment track record as well as other employer- specific requirements.

Concluded LayGiri, "Nigeria's workforce continues to grow in contrast to diminishing job availability; however, all hope is certainly not lost. An array of employment opportunities still exist and more positions are opening up every day. We will continue to make every effort to remain a step ahead of the game on both ends of the spectrum. In doing so, we hope to foster the country's economy and the morale of everyone involved. We encourage anyone affected by mounting lay-offs to contact us and find out how we can help."

About Joblanda:

Joblanda is a website focused on delivering employment, career, and educational advancement opportunities to Nigerians who are seeking them. Built on the premise of doing more than just collecting and listing job vacancies, Joblanda also helps ensure each vacancy is well-matched to the job seeker by organizing the listings by required academic qualifications, number of years of job experience, and industries of expertise. Joblanda's main goal is to be the go-to website for those who desire the enhanced quality of life that comes with steady, gainful employment and a consistent eye toward upward mobility.

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