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We here at JBOX.com are dedicated to bringing Japan and the West closer through shared popular culture. We have great respect for Japan and want to bring Japanese culture, in whatever form we may, to the world, and provide a bridge between the two cultures. Thanks for checking out our site.

JBOX.com is a limited corporation (yuugen gaisha) based in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Gunma is located 30 km from the geographic center of the main Japanese island of Honshu, about two hours by slow train from Tokyo, and is known for mountains, clean water, hot springs and cold, strong winds in the winter (kara-kaze). It's also known for strong-minded women (my wife, the president of the company, made me write that). Isesaki (pop. 140,000) is the hometown of "Touch" artist Adachi Mitsuru, a manga artist that not many Americans know very well; it also has a very nice Ferris wheel and roller coaster about three minutes from JBOX.com, and many pretty sakura (cherry blossom) trees which bloom in the Spring.

My name is Peter, and I taught English as a Second Language in Japan for four years. I enjoyed teaching ESL and have some advice on my homepage for anyone wanting to teach in Asia. Be sure and check out the "You've been in Japan Too Long" list located here.

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