JamesList: A One-Stop-Shop for entrepreneurs and the wealthy

The French have a saying, "it's impossible to overdo luxury". JamesList is a one-stop source for those who concur. It's like a Craigslist for the super wealthy. JamesList shoppers can pick up a sleek *Rolex watch and matching *Bentley in one fell swoop.

The company lists cars, jets, Swiss watches and boats for sale worldwide. International buying is simpler than ever. JamesList carefully selects professional dealers who are experts at shipping and handling and insurance.

A global marketplace for luxury goods

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A group of technology experts founded JamesList in January 2009. CEO Noam Perski saw a need for a global marketplace for high-end goods. The CEO's strong technology background and solid team of luxury product experts grew the site quickly. More than 300,000 sellers and buyers visit the site monthly.

JamesList boasts more than 35,000 luxury items for sale. Its inventory comes from selected professional dealers and includes the world's most expensive cars, multimillion-dollar yachts and scores of expensive watches. Dealers include the International Yacht Collection, Auto Salon Singen, ExecuJet Aviation Group and Cologne Watch Center.

JamesList is a conduit for buyers and sellers of luxury goods. The Stockholm-based company takes no commission and is not involved in any transactions. Buyers and sellers get the best deals regardless of location. The company's revenue comes from dealer listing fees, living up to its mission as "the world's smartest luxury marketplace."

Buy and sell yachts, jets, cars, Swiss watches and more

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JamesList features an abundance of luxury items for sale including:

JamesList only sells items from professional dealers and brokers. The company also connects private sellers with nearby dealers.

Charter cars, jets and boats through JamesList

JamesList also offers cars, yachts and jets for charter. Find the best deals and flight times on more than 4,000 charter jets.

JamesList's jet charter experts help tailor the trip to fit the specific needs of each customer. The site also offers insider tips and up-to-date market news on air charter.

JamesList lists 3,000-plus luxury yachts for charter if cruising the open waters of the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean and Indian Ocean is more your speed. JamesList partners with the world's leading yacht charter brokers and operators.

The company's exclusive car rental offerings are a perfect solution for business or pleasure. Working in Germany? Rent a Koenigsegg to get to your business meeting. Touring France with a university buddy? A Pagani C12 S Roadster would suffice. JamesList's car rental service ensures customers cruise in style wherever they are in the world.

JamesList: Your one-stop shop for luxury goods and news

JamesList offers scores of tools for the luxury shopper:

  • Track prices each time a seller changes a listing
  • Dealer directory
  • Calendar of events highlights yachting events, motor shows and watch events all over the world
  • The 'Rich List' highlights JamesList's most expensive items
  • JamesList search widget
  • RSS feeds

What people are saying about JamesList

JamesList promised to bring us new clients beyond the reach of our traditional marketing. Within three months of putting our yachts on JamesList, we closed a significant deal with a client halfway around the world. JamesList delivered.Mark Turner, marketing manager, Premier Yachting

JamesList has quickly become a must-have in the world of high-end watches. In less than six months we've sold a number of watches to clients all over the world via JamesList. The combination of a great-looking website, focus on high-end products and great customer service is unbeatable.

Monique Burger, Juwelier Burger

JamesList provides us with an important channel to reach web-savvy consumers. In today's market, customers are taking exceptional care to do the best deals they can, tools like JamesList are exactly what buyers and sellers need right now.

Sofia Lembrin, International Yacht Collection, Monaco

JamesList in the news

JamesList regularly receives press all over the world.

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