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Nothing much can be said about Jakob Lorber. Prophets and emissaries of God are always very ordinary people. "To exclude from the very beginning any claim for personal merit: "Jakob Boehme, the German mystic, once said, "the Lord sometimes makes use of very insignificant-people when revealing His mysteries, so that it shall be all the more clearly evident that they are from His hand only." "I could not have done it", Boehme continued, "if I had not simply put down what I received from the spirit."

The Inner Voice had told Lorber that there would come a time when everything he had written down would be put in print and at the given time also made known to mankind. Only a few pages were actually printed while he was still alive, and published without reference to his name.

Lorber was unable to understand many of the things he was told, and there would not have been anyone at the time who could have explained to him the statements made relating to atoms, elementary particles, etc. Yet he was wholly confident that everything would be seen to have meaning, and that later generations would certainly understand and be amazed to learn what had been written down.

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