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Iraq Today is Iraq’s first national English-language newspaper of the post-Saddam era. Its first issue was published on April 9, 2003, the day Baghdad fell to coalition forces, and it is distributed every week on Mondays to all the main cities of Iraq and Jordan.

Iraq Today is an Iraqi effort. The newspaper was founded by Hussain Sinjari, the proprietor of the Al-Ahali media group, a committed democrat who has fought political repression in Iraq for more than 25 years. All the journalists are Iraqis, drawn from all segments of the society, under Hassan Fattah, the editor, one of Iraq’s most experienced journalists, who has reported for CBS, AP and Time.

A critical part of its mission is to help Iraqis develop the critical tools that will be the basis of an open and stable political culture and economy. Iraq Today has no political agenda beyond establishing itself, in the words of its slogan, as “The Independent Voice of Iraq”. Its ambition is to be a credible, truth-seeking and objective source of information.

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