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Leadership for the 21st Century

Whether the task is helping your company learn how to grow through savvy use of business blogging , making a formal presentation to a packed auditorium of professionals on any of a variety of business or technical topics, leading a class of adult learners, or writing a business or technical book for neophytes, my central focus remains the same: to explain complex concepts and technologies in a way that lets you gain insight into the subject.

My newest venture are online and phone-based instruction, and I'm working on a variety of different courses with industry experts like Brad Fallon and Steven Van Yoder. For now, here's where you can get more information about my upcoming Essentials of Growing Your Business with Google. Check it out, I think you'll find it a splendid addition to your marketing budget.

My primary weblog is The Intuitive Life a business blog (or business weblog if you prefer) where I explore communications, marketing, branding, and industry news. The latest entries are Jakob Nielsen on Web usability problems. Again., How GM errs using its blog to respond to bad press, and much more.

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