An invitation to the Wiki and open source communities: IncomePilotProject

The challenge

Martin: Next year will be the RecentChangesCamp in SanFrancisco. The challenge to the Wiki and open source communities, is:

  • Present a refined description of IncomePilotProject along with a proposed execution plan, to test the new process.
  • If the brainstorming process exposes the need for pilot project start up funding, to begin the solicitation by announcing "the need" at this RecentChangesCamp event.

What is it about

This pilot project demonstrates new modes of openness, transparency, increased democracy and sharing. Within this environment people taking part in the pilot project generate personal income for themselves, in one of three basic ways:

Applying their own labor

Software, Music, Art, Multimedia, Consulting, ....

Also labor applied to making “stuff” in the brick and mortar world that cannot be shoved through a digital pipe, where ones on-line activity enables various improvements or ingenuity or novelty in their off-line “stuff”. In such regard this effort is inclusive of people that spend a lot of time on-line, as well as people that do not.

Sharing risk

In other words contributing some of your money to a project, where in effect there is some type of pooling dynamic for a group of people, so that the resulting activity that is funded gains increased wealth for the group, which is then shared by the members.

Ingenious and creative ways other than the above


Join the Brainstorming, starting on this page

In this brainstorming process let's gain all manner of perspectives and ideas, from a wide range of different people.

Special invitation to:

Money experts

Within risk sharing an issue becomes, how does one with less than $1 contribute their money without losing the value of their money through electronic transfer fees? Thus we invite people with interest in these money pooling and transfer issues.


We invite attorneys that are experts in cooperative law, which has relevance to creating novel group sharing structures.

Organized Labor experts

“Labor” involves issues of interest to those that deal with organized labor, they too are invited.


We hope to gain participation by people with entrepreneurial mindsets, that typical have a better knack for figuring out how to make a buck – then to also figure out how this activity can benefit the commons and “do good”.

Those in Government, and Public Policy Experts

Also we hope to gain people that are involved with government. For example, when people can't make a living, they often end up in contact with services funded by the federal government. It could be through employment programs or the child-welfare system, partially funded by HHS, or through the rural poverty or nutrition programs (e.g. food stamps) of the USDA, etc. A lack of ability to make a living affects us all by causing an increased demand on assistance services provided by federal agencies, and through their grant program flow also state agencies that get federal money. This increased demand requires more money, which ultimately comes out of our wallets as tax payers.

Innovators Interested in Process Issues

We have interest in people that have given a lot of thought to issues such as how to have an infrastructure that rewards high levels of motivation and effort (unions can fall short in this area), while at the same time preventing robber barrons from gaining high wealth while most of the populace falls far behind (capitalism can fall short in this area).

We seek people that have thought a lot about how to share wealth gained by group activity, or providing financial compensation for ones applied labor, without involving subjective judgments that will cause bad feelings.

Decision Making Process Experts

We invite people with interest in enabling better quality and faster group decisions, such as the people interested in consensus polling – because in this space group decisions will surely be made.

Anybody else, who might have the better solutions

And we seek people that don’t fit any of these invitation descriptions, because they might be the ones that have the best solutions – currently completely off our radar screen.

Increasing our chance of gaining the better solutions

Admittedly this is a very tough nut to crack. To increase our odds of doing that we need more participants. Feel free to invite others that you think can add value to our brainstorming.

If you have better ideas, as to how we can make a better invitation, or better ways to make more people aware of this effort, please share them. MartinPfahler

Awareness Helpers

Great work fridemar ! MartinPfahler

MarkDilley thanks for the contact info - I wrote them an invitation, also Dr. Ethan Ligon, the book author you found MartinPfahler

Each peer can start Cooperation here

Fridemar: Martin, I inserted some subtitles as suggestions, you can modify or delete. Additionally I create the generic page: BeProjectPartner. On this generic page peers of the AboutUs community can set their signals for looking to project partners. Together with this page I initiate a page WantedProjects. In the BeProjectPartner I leave an entry to this IncomePilotProject page, hopefully soon on the radar of Google: [http:/ IncomePilotProject]. fridemar 07:05, 25 July 2007 (PDT)

Sam: I am following along on this, and will try to offer some more in depth feedback soon--Sam Rose 10:08, 26 July 2007 (PDT)

Martin: Thanks Sam! Based on reading some of your prior postings around the web I'm looking forward to your input and insights. MartinPfahler

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