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When Torino was awarded the XX Olympic Winter Games, it could have been considered a point of arrival for many recent policies involving the city. Being chosen to host the Games has sparked a

that is similar to two other transformations that have taken place in the past two centuries. The first occurred when Torino became the first capital of newly-united Italy ; the second when the city structured itself as one of the most significant examples of a European “one company town”. The local authorities have decided to use the Olympics as a starting point for a new pathway.

Over the coming years, the renovated city will witness international cultural, economic and sporting events that will emphasize all the factors of Torino's widespread creative and planning capabilities. Design is perhaps the feature that most characterizes products “Made in Italy” – from the automotive industry to consumer products and fashion – and is deeply rooted in Piedmont. The theme of design is therefore an important key to understanding how Torino is transforming itself from an industrial city, able to serve the needs of the national community, into a planning-based city serving the needs of the international community.

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