Iay.org researches anti-social behavior in children and youth


The Institute for the Study of Antisocial Behaviour in Youth (I.A.Y.)


History and Mandate

lAY was established fifteen years ago with the support of the Ministry of Community and Social Services. It was recognized that many professionals, parents, and ordinary people do not have research based knowledge regarding violent behaviour in youth.

Many people have opinions as to why some children become antisocial and violent and how society should deal with them. It was recognized that many professionals, parents,and ordinary people have limited knowledge of current developments in research related to antisocial and violent behaviour in youth. Besides making research information available to parents, public, and policy makers, it is also important to ensure that professionals are aware of recent developments in the field.

Although most professionals try to keep up with the recent developments, it is not easy. Research related to antisocial behaviour is published in over 70 journals, this makes it especially difficult for front line staff, who do not have easy access to

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