Hunts' Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninsula


About us

This site is an updated and expanded version of Mary and Don Hunt's Hunts' Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, which we have published since 1997. The idea of putting the book online came from the editor of the Ann Arbor Observer, John Hilton. The big job of putting the 358-page book online has been made possible by the generous support of both John and Observer publisher Patricia Garcia. The site's complex database and structure has been skillfully created by Valerie Mates. Lisa Nichols has been a great editorial help.

A new paper edition of the guidebook has been postponed, again. Meanwhile, we continue to illustrate and update the site. Our spring project is a handy accordion-fold U.P. map on stiff, glossy paper, annotated for car travel, with 9 annotated town maps on the reverse side. Price: $5. Please contact us if you are interested, and we will let you know when they are available.

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