Founded in 1963, Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) is the first independent, not-for-profit, testing, inspection and certification agency in Hong Kong. The Centre, operating in various parts of Asia, aims to provide highest standard, most cost-effective and fastest turnaround service to meet with the needs of industry and trade. STC is recognized by many national and international organizations and accreditation bodies and is keeping abreast with the latest technology and standards to support their clients' product development.

The Centre can test and certify most products in its modern laboratories to make sure that they meet the essential safety, quality, reliability and performance requirements. STC's qualified inspectors can verify a manufacturing facility's capability, inspect products at the factory before shipment and certify manufactured goods are in compliance with contract specifications. The Centre's experienced professionals can advise manufacturers and trading organizations on how to improve their products and achieve international quality, environmental and social objectives.

Besides Hong Kong, STC also sets offices and joint-venture testing laboratories in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Foshan, Fujian, Beijing, London and New York. Its worldwide network provides great convenience to customers in enjoying its services.

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HongKongStandards and Testing Centre
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