Arylex - Pixxaro Product

The product Pixxaro herbicide contains two active ingredients, these are the active Arylex and fluroxipir in a formulation of EC (Arylex 12 g ea / L + fluroxipir 280 g ea / L + cloquintocet - mexilo 12 g de ia / L). It has been already registered in Ireland, Denmark, and the UK, and registers in their commercial camp is anticipated in other countries in a future. In the same ways the key benefits are:

•    First, it gives the advanced control of post- emergency of many broadleaf bad weeds, including: medium Stellaria, Lamium amplexicaule, Galium aparine, Polygonum convolvulus, Kochia scoparia, Chenopodium album, tetrahit Galeopsis, Papaver rhoeas, Fumaria officinalis y Amaranthus retroflexus.
•    It also includes two methods of action,  by which is another option to help the producers that face the resistance of bushes.
•    It offers a good selectivity of an ample viewer of winter stages and spring cereals for the application in spring.
•    The fast degradation of grounds and plants allows flexible rotation of the crops.
•    A favorable ambient and toxicological profile

The article Pixxaro CE, also, is an ample support that applies in each one of the figures of broadleaf bush herbicide. In the same way, it gives a reliable through an ample variety of climate conditions. Basically, Pixxaro CE gives a rough control over bad weeds and is the key conductor such as fat hen, geranium, blades, with greater ease in the time of completion of the product. On the other hand, it exists a frequently asked question that many people ask and its “Why use Pixxaro EC?”

Basically, it’s a resistant product, ample of broadleaf bushes through which the control of an ample variety of regimens of temperature and the patterns of growth. In the same way, offering a better handle of the moment of control of spring. An excellent order of a broad range of bad weeds and broadleaf, ample in the cereals of winter and spring. It also possess a superior activity in comparison with the sulfonic products. It also gives no restriction to turn, it’s not required crops before the planting of the major part of the chores, there’s no restriction of use or handle of stuffing, and a good compatibility of multiple ways, including; graminicides ALS, graminicides ACCase, growth regulators, fungicides.
On the other hand, it all groups to the sum of a product that needs the store, where climate or crop growth doesn’t matter, you can be sure that it is going to have the opportunity of applying Pixxaro CE (click here). The recommended application rate is of 0, 5 and an adjuvant hundred to two hundred liters of water using the according quality of pulverization through a variety of tube types.

In fact, Pixxaro CE is the first in a series of innovative products that is based on the Active Arylex. However, the petitions of active Arylex are developing at a global level and in a series of crops. Basically, in other parts of the world, the experience of the subject has demonstrated that this active ingredient is establishing new standards for weed order. Following, its actually available for the producers of the United Kingdom to try for themselves.

The article Pixxaro, of Dow AgroSciences has been registered and given the good look by many farmers, it is used on east Canada for the next growth season. The farmers on the east of Canada that also specialize in different types of barley and wheat have now access to a tool designed to give them good pulverization days, and minor stress when in the pulverization stations.

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