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Wrong. Between elections the internet is really starting to challenge politics as usual. As part of this change, we'd like to put you in touch with your new MP. Not for a specific purpose, but in order to hear what they're working on, to debate their thoughts in a safe, friendly environment, and generally to build better, more useful relationships between constituents and their MPs. That's why we built HearFromYourMP.

HearFromYourMP is a site which allows you, the constituent, to sign up to get emails from your local MP about local issues. When your MP writes to you and other constituents, we give you the chance to discuss what has been said in a simple online forum.

If you care about your local community, environment, businesses, roads, schools, parking arrangements, hedgehog tunnels, hop-scotch courts, or anything, HearFromYourMP is for you. HearFromYourMP is about building better, more constructive long term relationships between representatives and the people they represent. You can find out more about the important issues in your area, and give valuable democratic feedback to the most powerful politician in your area.

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