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Harper's Moto Guzzi: We have several hundred motorcycles for sale both old (restored) and new. Call us 800-752-9735


This past year has shown a definite change in the Moto Guzzi industry. The factory is gearing up for greater production and they are paying much closer attention to quality. It looks like a bright future for Moto Guzzi and we are excited about that future. With the recent purchase (winter of 2000) of the Moto Guzzi factory by Aprilia, we are looking forward to the new owners leading the way with new and innovative motorcycles.

Harper's has also grown a lot and we owe that to the fine people that are our customers and to the hard work and dedication of our personnel. As always, our goal is to have the largest stock of Guzzi parts, accessories and paraphernalia anywhere and at the most reasonable prices possible.

Harper's is the largest Moto Guzzi dealer with current bikes as well as antique and classic bikes on display. We have new and used parts for most all Moto Guzzis. We have one of the best equipped Moto Guzzi service centers. So, send us your old, your tired, your sick Moto Guzzi and we will heal it for you.

When you travel around the country on your Guzzi please keep in mind that Harper's Moto Guzzi is always there to help you with any of your wants or needs and stand ready to assist if you encounter a problem while on the road. Help is only a phone call away.


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