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in Madison, Wisconsin, where I design software. Before moving to Wisconsin, I attended school at the University of Illinois in Urbana, where I managed to pick up a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in electrical engineering. You can read my resume if you really want to.

I'm having a reasonably good time these days as I stumble through Real Life. These pages have some information about me. Whether you're looking to meet me or stalk me, here's what you'll need to really make it work. So enjoy, or not. I'll forgive you.

I go backpacking and hiking every chance I get. I'm interested in astronomy and space exploration, as well as science in general. I'm a politics geek and an environmentalist, a computer nerd and a baseball fan. I'm a liberal, a Democrat, and a Christian. C.S. Lewis once called himself "a converted pagan living in a nation of apostate Puritans", and I like the description well enough to steal it for myself.

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Benjamin Brothers
Madison WI
United States 53717

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