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Guilford Press, publishing books in psychology, psychotherapy, mental health, psychiatry, social work, education, and many other disciplines


Guilford Publications, Inc., was founded in 1973, with a full-time staff of one. We've since grown to over sixty times that number, and have built an international reputation as a publisher of books, periodicals, software, and audiovisual programs in mental health, education, and the social sciences.

Based in New York City's historic SoHo district, Guilford's offices are bordered by both Little Italy and Chinatown. This vibrant downtown neighborhood--renowned for its cast-iron architecture, artistic community, and international flair--retains its unique character despite the mall stores that have sprouted up around it. Similarly, Guilford's independent identity, stability, and commitment to quality make it a rarity in today's rapidly conglomerating publishing world. The firm is wholly owned by its two founding partners, president Bob Matloff and editor-in-chief Seymour Weingarten, who remain actively involved in its day-to-day business, and many staff members have been at Guilford for more than 20 years.

From psychology, psychiatry, and the behavioral sciences, to education and geography, the company is dedicated to bringing well-written, solidly researched work to professionals, academics, and general readers. Guilford's balance of continuity and innovation has enabled us to foster lasting relationships with authors as well as customers, and to produce and market numerous enduring titles. With more than 950 titles in print, we typically publish 80+ new professional, text, trade, and reference books each year. The company also publishes 13 journals and 2 newsletters, as well as original video productions and software programs.

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