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This means that in addition to all the great sites included here, not-so-great sites are also included and we are nearly as interested in providing info about those. We believe that it is much more useful to provide visitors with pertinent information about the domain name rather than deleting pages and providing no information.

FlagNewSite.png has a flag option to note sites as the following:

  • Adult Content is not something that we want people to use AboutUs to come across unintentionally.
    • To mark a page as adult click the flag near the top right of every page. This places it behind a warning splash page that only logged in people can get through, and in time it also removes it from our search. (We do not delete adult pages because we want it to be easy to un-flag a page accidentally marked as adult.)
  • Parked Site (Link Farms, Parking Lot, Parked Page, Parked Domains) are websites with virtually no content besides advertising links. They are commonly newly registered domains that haven't been built yet, or pre-existing websites whose owner may have let accidentally expire. **Noting domain names/websites as parking lots is helpful to people that are trying to figure out what happened to an old site in particular.
  • Broken (No Website) refers to a website that no longer exists at all, meaning that nothing resolves in the web browser.
    • Just like parking lots, noting a website as no longer existing is helpful to people that are trying to figure out what happened to a site that they can no longer find or access.

You can also note sites as Spam and Fraud by adding the corresponding template to the "Wiki" section of the page: {{PossibleSpamSite}} or {{PossibleFraudSite}}. Feel free to add a short, constructive comment about the site in the "Additional Information" or "Wiki" section on the page. Note that unconstructive reviews will be removed. (Please do not remove the other content of the page or change the summary at the top of the page.)

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