- Santa Paula, CA nursery offering citrus trees, roses, olives


Growquest is the largest North American source of Citrus, Avocado and Sub Tropical fruit trees, Olive trees and either bare root or potted roses. Plant material is either shipped FedEx or large trucks. Growquest also harvest and ships it own ladybugs and other bio controls for organic gardening.


Growquest is nursery working as a grower and plant broker for small liner plant material through the largest specimen trees that can be found. Growquest is a cash and carry nursery/ plant broker, offering reduced prices for the upfront payment or payment upon or Net 5 days after receipt of merchandise. Terms vary according to value of sale and plant material being sold.

Growquest ships small order of plant material through UPS and FedEx and larger order through LTL Trucking companies or whole load truck orders through out the United States and Canada.

Growquest provides superior online plant shopping and customer support through its [] plant and gardening videos.

Gardeners, landscapers and plant industry professionals find the largest selection of bare root and potted roses for shipping in the United States. This is also true of their supply of fruit trees such as citrus, olive, avocado and other sub tropical fruit trees.

Growquest is most famous for it's very high quality ladybugs, harvested, cleaned and packed by Chris Gilcrest, owner of Growquest.

Growquest is currently working on its new expanded web site, which represents the future of North American plant shopping with over 20,000 plants in its data base from growers all over the USA and Canada. In 2010 Growquest will expand to new several new locations in the USA and Canada. Additional efforts are being made to expand in Great Britan and Australia in the future.

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