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At Groople, we understand that the successful delivery of group-specific travel-booking solutions brings its own set of unique challenges. That's why we decided to leverage our extensive experience in the travel-technology industry to create a company dedicated to improving and automating the group-travel-booking process.

Our company's mission is to help our clients (host partners) increase the productivity and profitability of their group travel sales, through the use of advanced technology that allows for significant growth in revenue without adding associated call-center costs.

Groople's Group Desk suite is a potent combination of group-specific travel-booking solutions that utilize multiple inventory resources, allow for scalability, and integrate internal and external booking and database facilities. More simply put: Groople provides its clients the ability to book any-size group in a single online session, and then manage that group's travel reservations post-booking.

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10333 East Dry Creek Road
Englewood CO 80112 US


Groople, Inc., Scott Larsen
+1 303 483 9005, Fax: +1 303 483 9019

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