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The Kingdom of Lesotho is completely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. Its boundaries run with those of KwaZulu-Natal to the east, Eastern Cape to the south, and the Free State to the north and west. It lies between latitudes 28' and 31' South and longitudes 27' and 30' east. It covers an area of approximately 30 300 square kilometres of which about one quarter in the west is lowland country, varying in height above sea level from 1 500 to 1 600 m, the remaining three quarters being highlands, rising to a height of 3 482 m at Thabana-Ntlenyana in the Maluti Range, which forms the eastern boundary with KwaZulu-Natal. The mountain ranges run from north to south and those in the central area, the Maluti, are spurs of the main Drakensberg, which they join in the north, forming a high plateau varying in height from 2 700 to 3 400 m.
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