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What is the Gossamer Project?

The Gossamer Project is a group of specialty archives which, combined, contain the vast majority of X-Files fan fiction on the Internet. Any story which the author has given Gossamer permission to archive (either directly or by giving general permission to everyone) will be archived at Gossamer. This site is not associated with 20th Century Fox Studios, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Presently, fan fiction submitted directly and posted to the alt.tv.x-files.creative news group and X-Files-Fanfic mailing list is submitted to Gossamer. Please put DO NOT ARCHIVE in the first few lines of each and every part if you do not want the story archived.

Authors retain the copyright to their stories. By submitting fiction to this archive, authors are granting The Gossamer Project the non-exclusive right to display their fiction on this and associated web sites. Authors may request removal or revision of their own fiction (by submitting a revision), but there may be up to a sixty day delay to process these requests.

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