Golden and Still Rockin’ at 50

Golden and Still Rockin’ at 50



  • Julie Johnston
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Theme description

The all-too-often mundane employee meeting is a thing of the past for EmploymentGroup. Since 2005, EmploymentGroup has adhered to the disciplined methodology in Verne’s “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.” Our strategic growth program involves a daily huddle between each functional group to discuss daily activities that will contribute to EmploymentGroup’s key objectives. Each year EmploymentGroup established an annual theme designed to maintain the company’s momentum and provide a bit of lighthearted fun. Staff members attend the quarterly kick-off meeting where the results of the past quarter priorities are announced, the next quarter’s priorities are introduced, staff members stand up and share their top 3 priorities for the next quarter, and awards are presented. EmploymentGroup also announces quarterly bonuses if sales targets are reached. The meeting is followed by a company lunch where staff members are encouraged to sit with staff members that are not from their office. During last year’s quarterly kick-off meetings, EmploymentGroup’s executive team – holding to the annual theme of “Rocking 2007” – performed in full costume, lip-syncing and dancing to favorite tunes of the rock group KISS, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, and Elvis. This year's annual theme is "Golden and Still Rockin’ at 50". The theme celebrates EmploymentGroup's 50 year anniversary and celebrates key events from the past five decades.


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