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Goldentree Wands is an internet-based shop only, with its headquarters in Boise, Idaho. And by "Headquarters" we mean our apartment. That's right, we are a home-based business. Everything you find on this site is made by the hands of us, Glen and Willow Goldentree, the Wiccan husband and wife who run this shop. You will find nothing here that was manufactured in a factory, and when we say "handcrafted" we are not referring to the hands of child laborers in China or starving people in India who make a nickel a day. We neither agree with nor support that sort of labor practice, and we do not think that a quality item can be crafted under such conditions. This goes doubly for Pagan ritual items, as they are so personal and sacred in nature.

Our wands are our pride and joy. They are the item that began the business for us, and the items we take the very most pride in to this day. We began crafting wands after being sorely disappointed with a wand we purchased from a big-name company. Ever since then, we have been striving for perfection by creating wands the old fashioned way, with a knife and a piece of wood. This way we can feel out the grain of the wood, and create unique works of art that do not have to rely upon the limitations of a wood-turner (or an ugly piece of pewter)...

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