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Give Kids Room To Learn

The most important reason for voting YES on this bond is that children need room to learn. The bond will create over 100 new classrooms throughout the district and add two new elementary schools. This will have a tremendous positive impact on the quality of our kids' education.

Repairs Are Necessary to Protect Our Investment

The bond will make critical repairs to our older schools. It will fix leaky roofs, upgrade life safety and security equipment, improve ventilation and heating systems and generally protect the significant investment we have made in our school facilities. It's just like what we all have to do to protect our investment in our own homes.

Schools Are Important to Our Community

Of course, the bond is important for our schools and the children who count on them to prepare them for the future. But the bond is also very important for the entire community: it is key to the strength, livability and safety of our neighborhoods, as well as our economic future.

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