GENCO Supply Chain Solutions

GENCO Supply Chain Solutions is a leading third-party logistics provider and recognized leader in supply chain management and execution excellence. We provide a complete range of value-added supply chain solutions, including reverse logistics, contract warehousing, pharmaceutical returns, damage research, transportation, supply chain analysis, parcel management, asset recovery, technology and government.

Through our customer-centric focus, we have established long-term relationships with a broad range of customers, including many notable Fortune 500 manufacturing and retail companies and government agencies.

In the process, we have garnered both the technical and operational expertise and experience from managing 26.3 million square feet of warehouse space at over 94 facilities, a network of freight carriers and numerous supply chain system installations throughout North America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Reverse Logistics

As the pioneer and recognized leader in Reverse Logistics, GENCO supply chain solutions helps its customers manage the entire returns management process. GENCO Supply Chain Solutions operates return centers totaling more than four million square feet throughout North America. Many of the company's return centers include reverse fulfillment capabilities that reintroduce returned items to sales or manufacturing channels.

Contract Logistics

As a proven leader in distribution and tailored warehouse management solutions, GENCO's non-asset based approach to Contract Logistics helps customers improve their competitive advantage by ensuring their distribution networks are the right size and in the right location. The company manages over 30 million square feet of distribution warehouse space. GENCO Supply Chain Solutions contract logistics benefits include

  • Proven functionality across multiple industries and distribution requirements.
  • Ease of integration with a wide variety of commercial enterprise resource planning and legacy business systems.
  • Tested methodology with a well defined integration, installation, training and testing process to minimize risk.
  • One source for operations, execution and a turnkey tailored information management system from one partner with one point of contact and accountability and a commitment to continuous improvement.


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