GBIO was founded by a group of 45 clergy and community leaders who began meeting in January of 1996. What motivated this founding group to begin building GBIO was a common desire to transcend the historic divisions in Boston that existed between neighborhoods, particularly around race and class issues. These founders were motivated to build a new organization which could help build relationships across these divides and provide a new vehicle for different constituencies to act together on common interests in ways which would be powerful and effective. This founding group raised seed money from ten different religious denominations and the first staff organizer was hired in August 1997. In November of 1998, GBIO held its founding assembly attended by some 4000 people from across Greater Boston. This watershed event in Boston's recent history was the largest and most diverse mass meeting held in Boston during the past 25 years.

GBIO's 2006 membership is made up of 70 institutions located in Boston and surrounding communities. These institutions include religious congregations, community development corporations, unions and other civic organizations. GBIO member institutions represent a diverse mix — economically, racially, geographically and otherwise. Our membership collectively represents approximately 50,000 people.

Moved Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly to send an unprecedented "Advisory" to the nursing home industry clarifying their obligations to protect the rights of immigrant workers.

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