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The vast majority of computer games include a multiplayer option, indeed some are expressly designed for internet multiplayer gaming. Such is the popularity of this aspect of gaming that not including this option will doom a game to failure. Online gaming is a must for the true hard-core gamer with hundreds of gamers joining the ranks every day, all over the world. Online gaming has given rise to another phenomenon, the gaming community. Thousands of gamers use the internet to discuss gaming issues and arrange games.

The tendency is for gamers to then form a clan. A clan is a group of like minded individuals who wish to work as a team to further their gaming skills. Usually they will have some kind of organisation with a leader, training and recruiting officer. Their online presence is signaled by their website, forum or IRC channel. The team spirit that clan life generates is a driving force behind many on-line leagues, ladders, and other tournaments as the competitive team spirit in every one of us rises to the fore. However it is then that most clans hit a major stumbling block in their development. The lack of their very own clan server.

Since most servers are public, a clan cannot expect to occupy a server by themselves with their preferred settings. This would be the ideal setting in which to run a practice or training session in privacy from other rival clans or indeed to challenge another clan to a match. At times clans have to beg to borrow some other clan's private server. Others try to book one but find that there is none available at the date and time of their choice.

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