This page is about the Gallery Tag. For other uses, feel free to search for it.

The gallery is an organized list of thumbnail images with captions. A gallery tag basically consists of four components. They are as follows:

  1. <gallery> - This is the opening tag to indicate to the Wiki you are starting a gallery.
  2. Image:example.gif|Example Image Caption - This line consists of two components of the Gallery feature.
    1. The first part of it ‘Image:example.gif’ is the link to the image uploaded on AboutUs or on a remote server. Our example.gif image is uploaded to the server (which makes things easier).
    2. Now the ‘|’ is a segment breaker/separator.
    3. The ‘Example Image Caption’ can be anything you want, it is a caption to the image. WikiLinks work here.
  3. </gallery> - This is the closing tag to indicate to the Wiki you are finished with the gallery.

You can use the following code:


And get this result:

Advanced Gallery Tags

You can use the following advance code to define further parameters of the gallery:

<gallery caption="Pic Gallery" widths="150px" heights="120px" perrow="3">
Image:example.gif |Picture of Ted
Image:Example2.gif |Picture of [[Ward Cunningham|Ward]] and [[User:RayKing|Ray]]
Image:example3.gif |Picture of [[]]

And get this result:

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