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FosterEachOther reformulates the G Google:GoldenRuleofEthics applied to building Online- Communities as:

Help each other to help, building:

A: Symmetry:

Help each other to

  • advance, assist, encourage, promote, further, stimulate, forward, cultivate, nurture, strengthen, enrich, help, aid, abet, contribute to, support, back, be a patron of, encourage, instead of neglecting, suppressing, defecting each other
  • speed up, accelerate, step up, quicken, precipitate, dispatch, advance, facilitate, ease, make easier, push through, boost, spur on, help along, catalyze, fast-track instead of delaying.

B: Towards Symmetry

In the case of children it is not enough to: bring up, rear, raise, care for, take care of, look after, nurture, provide for, mother, parent, "educate" them.

Let's recognize and amplify the (more or less) hidden symmetry of the Golden Rule of ethics, how they help us to develop mutually our best qualities as partners just from the beginning.


FridemarPache: Note the recursivness of "Help each other to help". So how can we help us to make us more helpful to each other...?

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