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Fitlads is a profile-based dating site for gay men over the age of 18. It was established in 2003 by two friends based in the UK.

It differs from other gay dating sites, such as Gaydar, as it specifically caters for the gay chav market. The entire site is geared towards this ethos by using British working class colloquialisms in order to portray an authentic scally image.

The men on the site interact with each other either via private message or via a series of threads in the forum section of the site.

As like other dating websites, further functionality can be acquired by purchasing a membership.

The site currently has over 140,000 members.

From their site: For gay lads into scally lads, real blokes, sports kit, and soccer lads. Fitlads contains amateur profiles with pics of our members - no commercial porn.



Address, PO BOX 666
Leicester, Leicestershire LE3 7AG England


Joseph Hill and David Edwards
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